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Seek an internship

Career paths can be as unique as the individuals pursuing them. Students who have internships, sometimes even multiple internships, can help narrow down the paths or confirm they are driving in the right direction. Whether working with a Fortune 500 company as part of a formal internship program or taking a job at the local co-op, the experience you have in an internship will be one-of-a-kind.

Internships can provide you with an experience working alongside professionals in your particular area of interest. Not only do they provide an experience, but the chance to network with the people who one day could be your supervisor at a job. A career fair, hosted by the college’s Career Services Office each semester, provides an opportunity for companies from all over and our students to connect.

Internships are a great way to learn more about career areas within your chosen major. There are many settings where you can try your hand in the real world to know if the position and work is something you would enjoy. Even finding out the things you may not enjoy as much before having to do them every day could be useful. In the end, those real-world experiences all add up to talking points for a job as unique as you.