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Become a researcher

Work with faculty on the next scientific breakthrough.

Become a researcher

That medical breakthrough and the new breed of corn all started with research by scientists. Scientific breakthroughs change the world and at Iowa State we are in the business of educating the next group of researchers poised to make major contributions to the world of science.

From the newest food products to the latest vaccines for humans and animals, you can be a part of making the next discovery. Faculty on campus have their own research and they often look for students to help in the lab. There are many ways you can get involved. Some scholarships have as part of the award an experience in the lab; you can join the honors program or participate in science with practice.

Student researchers are in the lab working right alongside faculty who are seeking to make an impact around the world. Find one in your area of interest to learn more about research opportunities. With hands-on guidance and training, you might be a part of the next scientific breakthrough.